Schedules of upcoming SBA Programs

Fall  2015 (NYC Only)
3 month (14-week) format
9/11/15 –  12/5/15

San Francisco Bay Area

Sustainable Building Advisor Program Course Location

Head Instructor

Raphaelle Hallaj

Raphaelle HallajRaphaelle Hallaj (Formerly Richarde) has been interested in environmental, ecological issues since 1995. While attending the San Francisco Institute of architecture to study ecological architecture, she focused on building-related environmental destructive issues, examining how we build, use, waste, and live in buildings. She has taught sustainable design classes at California Polytechnic State University, Stanford University and California College of the Arts. Her experience covers large commercial, residential, renovation, and educational buildings  design/construction, green construction, LEED, and natural building methodologies. She has worked with UC Berkeley/DOE, WSP Energy& Environment, Green Career Institute, Swinerton Builders, Peninsula Habitat for Humanity, and Vital Systems. She holds an (auditing status) Masters Degree in Construction Management from Stanford University, a BFA in Interior Architecture from Otis Parsons School of Design; MS in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University (SLO). She is a LEED Accredited Professional. She has led many LEED certified projects, including some of the earliest projects to achieve LEED certification in California (2002) and more recently in the Middle East and China.

She has participated in numerous presentations and workshops focusing on Green Building and clean energy that include: 2011Speaker at the AIA, “Zero Net Energy Series for Commercial Buildings” on Fuel Cells technology, in collaboration with PG&E, 2010PG&E and UC Berkeley, “Clean Energy Technology and LEED For Large Commercial Buildings”,2008 Speaker at the Ecocity World Summit in San Francisco, CA., on Masdar Solar City- Abu Dhabi; 2006 speaker at the International Eco Architecture Conference on Harmonization between Architecture and Nature/Sustainability, WIT Press, UK, “A Methodology for Sustainable Design Analysis of Large-Scale Buildings.”, WIT transactions on the Build Environment.

The New & Improved Schedule for the SBA Program in San Francisco is:

  • Newly designed for working adults!
  • The new and improved schedule for the SBA Program now offers half-day classes on Fridays from 1-5:30 pm, and Saturdays from 9am-5pm.

The SBA Program offers courses at three different times of the year: Spring, Summer and Fall. During the Spring and Fall schedules, classes meet every other week (Fridays and Saturdays) over 14 weeks. For the Summer schedule, classes meet every week for 8 weeks, ending mid-July (and excepting the 4th of July holiday). Each course meets the required 6 academic units (90 contact hours) requirement.

The 2015 schedule for the SBA Program in San Francisco follows:

No classes planned at the moment.



Fridays: Classes meet from 1pm-5:30pm

Saturdays: Classes meet from 9am-5pm


Need Fridays off? Request a Letter for Your Employer! The SBA enrollment counselors can provide a letter describing the benefits of this unique program for prospective students and their employers. Click here to see a sample letter.

Can’t make some days?  You only need 85% attendance to still qualify for certification.  In addition, you can also replace up to 15 hours of class time with our approved webinars.  Click here for more information.

The SBA Program is perfect for working adults. We have recently revised the Friday schedule and nooffer half-day classes on Fridays, from 1-5:30. We continue to offer full-day classes on Saturdays.

Certification Requirements

Upon completion of the SBA course and passing the exam, academic standards require the following in order for us to confer your CSBA certification:

  1. A declaration that you have completed high school or achieved an equivalent level of education (click here to download)
  2. A copy of your official ID:
  • Driver’s license
  • State identification card
  • Passport

Please send to our registrar, Mr. Benjamin Labonog at:

To receive more information about the program please click here.

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