A Certified Sustainable Building Advisor is a leader in the green building field who has met very high standards for green building knowledge. The designation is earned through professional training and practical experience culminating with passing a national final exam. There are three critical aspects to the SBA Program: the curriculum learned, the connections made, and the certification earned.

SBA Certification

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA)




After successfully completing the Sustainable Building Advisor Program students can become Certified Sustainable Building Advisors (CSBA) by taking the CSBA exam. A passing score entitles professionals to use the designation CSBA after one’s name on business cards and resumes, for example. As a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor you will be part of an active alumni network of leading green building professionals (Click here to check the CSBA alumni group at Linkedin).

Read below how some SBA Program graduates describe the benefits of their newly acquired professional certification.

Having taken the classes and exam for five different Green Building Certifications, I can assure you that the SBA Program is hands down the most important. Students can expect to leave the course with the ability to fully comprehend all aspects of sustainability through the eyes of the built environment as well as empowered with the desire to share their newly found understanding.
Environmental Building Strategies

[Through the course] I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses in green building and improve in each area. I’ve had at least one person say when reviewing my resume that it’s very evident that I am interested in continually growing my green building education, a fact which made that person approach me over someone else for a contracting opportunity.
– Rebecca Anderson, CSBA, LEED AP
O&M Environmental Specialist
University of California, Berkeley

The Sustainable Building Advisor Certification (CSBA) is issued by Lifelong Education Institute.

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