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Ann Edminster, M.Arch., LEED AP

We are proud to announce the addition of Ann Edminster, M.Arch., LEED AP, to the SBA Program.  Ann will act as the Head Instructor for the San Francisco SBA Program and will assist in its ongoing development and growth nationwide. Ann is a nationally recognized expert on green homes, focusing on assisting design and building professionals in developing their capacity to create better buildings.  Ann is also a principal author of the LEED for Homes Rating System and author of Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, a comprehensive guide for those seeking to create zero net energy homes. An acclaimed speaker, teacher, and writer, Ann advises a wide range of building industry clients. She also sits on the advisory boards of several private companies.

Professional Value

The Sustainable Building Advising Certificate provides credibility in the green building industry and demonstrates knowledge, experience, and competency. CSBA alumni report that they enjoy increased opportunities for green job placement and career advancement due to their SBA certification.

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What’s The Buzz about Green Leadership?

The SBA program curriculum maintains the highest caliber of instruction in the field. Our instructors are professionals working at the vanguard of the Green Movement, defining the built environment of tomorrow.

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Workplace Training

Workplace Training

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SBA Alumni and the SBA Program

“Having taken the classes and exam for 5 different Green Building Certifications, I can assure you that the SBA Program is hands down the most important. Students can expect to leave the course with the ability to fully comprehend all aspects of sustainability through the eyes of the built environment as well as empowered with the desire to share their newly found understanding.”

Environmental Building Strategies

“The SBA Program was an incredibly effective way for me to increase my knowledge in green building principles and to learn a more holistic approach to energy management. I found the instructors to be of the highest caliber and were experts in their field, yet approachable and engaging. I also felt the course was beneficial in getting us to think outside the box. It was time well-spent and I am proud of my accomplishment in becoming a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA)!”

Andrea Schumer, CSBA
Account Executive, PG&E

“[Through the course] I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses in green building and improve in each area. I’ve had at least one person say when reviewing my resume that it’s very evident that I am interested in continually growing my green building education, a fact which made that person approach me over someone else for a contracting opportunity.”

Rebecca Anderson, CSBA, LEED AP
O&M Environmental Specialist
University of California, Berkeley

“When I first heard about the course I thought the curriculum would be tailored to Architects and Engineers… As a realtor I didn’t have that background in building, but as I went through the course I saw that anybody – in any field – would find the program beneficial.”

Realtor, Prudential California

“The program teaches and reminds us that there are many ways to contribute to our society, so that we can all live better. The principles learned are applicable to any field. No matter where you live.”

Tyson Krumholz, CSBA, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager, Webcor

“This is a great class, truly a cut above. The SBA Program was able to weave-together holistic sustainability issues, with formula/equation level detail. I whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to acquire a better contextual understanding of LEED and other green-rating systems, in addition to collaborating with like-minded professionals to gain a greater understanding of the sustainability issues that affect us all.”

TJ Glidden, CSBA
General Contractor

“This course has enabled me to start Sustainable Contra Costa and Citizens for a Sustainable Walnut Creek… My personal goal is to see that a self supporting Sustainability Commission is added to the Walnut Creek group of Commissions. With the education gained from the SBA Course along with the national certification, I feel armed and ready to work with the city in order to make this happen.”

Robert Joe, CSBA, LEED AP
Co-founder, Sustainable Contra Costa

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